Sunday, December 25, 2011

Away in a manger...

As the new year approaches I can't help but think of last year compared to this year. WOW has life been a roller coaster for my little family. Last year Bray was barely 6 months old at Christmas. This year he is about to be 18 months. Sheeshk! He has turned my world around in every way. I couldn't be more thankful for that sweet blessing. He is THE most amazing thing that has happened in my life. I never knew how much I could love someone or something. In a period of one year I have finished school, worked at Lowes, and now have a new job as a dental assistant(FINALLY!) Oh and did I forget to mention recently ENGAGED?!
Yeah I totally couldn't be more excited! We have a date set for September 21st or 28th of 2013.

So this year I have started to attempt some traditions with Bray. Like putting out our milk and cookies for Santa...
I hope next year to start the Elf on the Shelf, but it will depend on how well Bray understands things I think. Boy was Santa good to Bray this year though!
Pretty sure all he saw was, "tactor! tactor!"

It was an amazing joy to see my baby so happy and excited. I know Christmas morning is going to keep getting better and better :)

Friday night I was telling Braylon the real meaning of Christmas. I was trying to explain to him who baby Jesus was. He sat so still the whole time just listening to Mommy. Which NEVER happens. A part of me thought he understood what I was saying. Which made me even more happy that I told him the story. I can't wait for more detail every year. I pray he always remembers the real meaning of Christmas and installs it in others. Merry Christmas! I hope all of you bloggers have had a blessed Christmas! Happy Birthday Jesus!

Sunday, November 20, 2011


So I admit I have been the worlds worst blogger once again. Yay me! Well since I last blogged Halloween has come and gone and Thanksgiving is about a week away. So I will post a variety of pictures. For Halloween Bray was Peter Pan, I was Tinkerbell, and Wes was Captain Hook. We went trick or treating Saturday and Monday night. We had a lot of fun!

I actually made Brays costume because I couldn't find one small enough or a pattern small enough. I just used:

1. a girls size small white turtle neck ($5.00 @ Target)
2. RIT dye ($1.50 @ Hobby Lobby)

3. shoe strings ($1.00 @ dollar tree)

4. felt for the hat ($1.00 @ Hobby Lobby)

5. and I hot glued a feather to his hat. ($2.00 @ Joanns)

Total of costing me $10.00

(NO I am NOT pregnant. This costume was not for me I guess ha)

We are very excited for Thanksgiving to come this week! Oh and someone has a new dental assisting job :) YUP! VERY excited! Things are changin' for my little family. I couldn't be more excited! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mommy's little Punkin @ the Pumpkin Patch

So this has been a good weekend off from work. It's nice to just relax. Friday I took Bray to the CCHS Homecoming parade. He was a little confused as to what in the world all these kids were yelling for. Saturday we stayed at the house and Mommy took advantage of the fact Bray was watching the UT game with Daddy. So I took a nice long nap. Sunday was the fun day. We went to the Pumpkin patch! Braylon was in love with all of the animals.

Watching the "Bow's"

Riding the pumpkin train with Mommy

Daddy had the camera...hilarious.

Bray with the giant watermelons

Family picture even though Wesley was scared to get to close

Running wild through the patch

A picture with all of our pumpkins. I was feeling creative.

Of course my funny for the day....

Us last year. Gosh he has grown!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

"God gave me you"

Welcome fall! If there is one thing that excites me its fall decorations! I love fall in general, but the decor really gets my blood pumping. Also in fall we have...FOOTBALL! I like football, cant say I love it, but hey I am an honest girl and game time, tailgating, etc is fun!

Don't you just love his new hat? Target special :)

Ok so Braylon loves cats. Funny because Mommy hates them.

I know I have been a HORRIBLE blogger the past month. My appologies. Sometimes life just does not go your way. Thats A- O- K though. Things will fall into place when they are meant to be.

Blake Shelton - God Gave Me You

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"Oh our many adventures"

So my sweet little boy started day care 3 weeks ago today. It has been a long 3 weeks might I say. Everyday I drop him off he screams,kicks, and throws his arms up yelling, "MUM MUM MUM MUUUUM." It is so so hard to turn my back and leave him. I get in the car almost everyday with tears in my eyes. And everyday I have the same conversation with myself. "This is good for him. He has fun playing with the kids. He FINALLY lays down without to much of a fight in his crib. and so on.." Today though was not to bad. He cried but he waved bye bye like he knew, "Mumma" would be back soon. This gave me some relief. I wasnt sure if this was because he seemed to understand or if I was just used to the process of dropping him off. I left and no tears from me, but as I was driving I teared up. Why am I crying? My baby seemed a little grown up with that hand wave. A million thoughts were running through my head.

My baby has gone from this tiny little newborn

To a little handsome toddler(his first day of school)

Who knew how much you really can love someone. He literally is my everything.

Yesterday the dog got off his chain so we had to go find him. I decided to make a photo shoot of it.

Running to find Waco.



My funny of the day. We were all 3 on the 4-wheeler looking for the dog. Bray wears the goggles to keep things out of his eyes, but he loves them!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

"You look like chicken"

So this weekend was a GREAT weekend! It was my first weekend off in 6 months. Yes...SIX! Friday my sweet little boy and I went shopping for tax free weekend. Got a few good deals. Love me some deals! Also Wes took off work and we went and signed papers on an Altima. Yay for a 4 door! That night I had a girls night. Had a BLAST! We went out to eat at Samauris. If you have never been ate there you should for sure try it. Our chef was really odd though. He asked me if I wanted some "honey" and said he'd give me some. Then he kept telling Kayla she looked like a chicken. She so doesnt look like a chicken!

Saturday was a lazzzzzy day! But Sunday we got to enjoy a beautiful day at the lake with my wonderful family! It was Brays first time to go to the lake and my first time to go this summer. Bray loved loved looooved the water!

On the way to the lake!

Family pic!

Thought it was to sweet

Swimming with Nana

We had so much fun. Braylon had a nice long nap on the way home and was in bed early. Now time for this Momma to finish watching her New Jersey Housewives! I am a slight reality tv junky!